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Fall Newsletter

After the hustle and bustle of Summer and Back-to-School, now is when you are looking for a break from all of those outdoor activities. But before you put everything away, there are a few important things to consider when it comes to Fall Maintenance around your home.


Exterior Fall Maintenance isn’t all about making your home look nice, it is more about getting your home ready for the winter, so here are a few key maintenance items to check before winter surprises you.

Gutters/ Roof

Clean GuttersAs leaves begin falling off the trees and scattering everywhere, now is a good time to get up on a ladder and check the gutters and downspouts for build-up. You may find leaves, dirt and even a bird nest, but there are a few other things to check while you are up there.

  1. Check for shingles that have been broken in torn in a summer storm
  2. Give a slight tug on the gutters and downspouts to ensure they are firmly attached
  3. Make sure your chimney has an appropriate rain cap and spark arrestor, especially if you plan on having a nice warm fire this winter

When winter comes and brings in snowfall, you want to be sure your roof and gutters are ready.


lawn-mowerProper fertilizing of your lawn before winter comes will help create a healthy lawn in the spring and help keep away those weeds you’ve been fighting all year long!

Lawn Mower

As you are getting ready to put your lawn mower and other lawn equipment away for the winter, getting it ready for storage will put you a step ahead of the neighborhood when spring time rolls around. It’ll also help to extend the overall life of your equipment. Make sure you read through your owner’s manual for specific steps to take before putting that lawn equipment away for the winter.

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