The Inspection Process

At The Home Inspection Pro, we want to offer you with the highest quality inspection to help you make the best decision about your current or future home. We want to help you understand that no house is perfect, but make sure you are informed about the overall condition of the property.


Home Inspection Services

The services we offer to you include:

  • Roof / Attic
    The roofing inspection is an inspection of the roof and roofing materials, as well as flashings and valleys and an inspection inside chimneys (when possible).  Whenever possible, this inspection is done on the roof for a more thorough evaluation.  The roofing inspection also will estimate the age and life expectancy of the current roofing materials.

    The attic inspection consists of inspecting ventilation and insulation.

  • Exterior
    The exterior inspection is a visual inspection and probing of the components that make up the exterior structure of the home:
    This includes:

    • Foundation
    • Exterior wall structure
    • Siding/ Facia/ Gutters
    • Chimneys
    • Windows and doors
    • Porches, patios, and decks

  • Interior
    Other elements of the interior that are checked for condition and effectiveness include:

    • Attic (including ventilation)
    • Insulation
    • Framing
    • Stairs and hand rails
    • Windows and doors

  • Garage
    The garage inspection is a complete assessment of the structure the same as the general home (Structure, roofing, siding, windows, doors, etc). Any garage door openers will be tested to ensure their safety components are operable.
  • Mechanicals
    The home’s heating system is checked for its visible condition and to identify any signs of deterioration or early signs of equipment failure. The inspection will identify the age of the equipment as well as the estimated remaining life based on its condition and life expectancy. The air conditioning system will be checked provided the exterior temperatures are adequate to run the system.

    The complete plumbing inspection includes an assessment of the configuration of the incoming water source as well as all aspects of the plumbing system.

    The plumbing system includes:
    • Water heater
    • Supply piping
    • Drain, waste, and vent piping
    • All faucets and fixtures in the home

    The complete electrical inspection includes an assessment of the main electrical panel and the branch circuit wiring in the home. All GFCI outlets are tested as well as most accessible outlets in the general rooms of the home.

  • Pools / Spas
    If the home has a pool or spa that you want to have inspected, its inspection will include an assessment of the following main elements:

    • Structure (includes pool or spa lining, decking, and coping)
    • Plumbing System
      • Pump
      • Filter
      • Strainer crock
      • Auto-fill crock
      • Inlets
    • Electrical
    • Heater (if available)
    • Pool safety

You'll See Everything

Every service we offer comes with a detailed report identifying the findings and helping you to understand any issues you may be facing.

*Wood Destroying Insect Inspection may be performed by a licensed subcontracted agency and not by the Home Inspection Pro, LLC.