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Summer Newsletter

It’s summertime, and you know what that means…it’s time to get outside and take care of those exterior  maintenance tasks!
Here are a few helpful tasks to help maintain the outside of your home in the summertime:
Air Conditioning:
  • Air ConditioningIt’s getting hot outside so make sure your air conditioning unit is ready to keep you cool all summer long.  Take off the cover to your exterior unit, or install those window units if you don’t have a central air system.
  • It’s not a bad idea to have a licensed HVAC service technician stop by to make sure everything is in good running order before it’s too late.
  •  Even though landscaping is not a part of your home it can be integral to how well your home is maintained and its outward appearance.
    • First trim back any trees or shrubs that are growing into or over the house.  Overgrown tree limbs can damage your roof and greatly reduce its life expectancy
    • landscapingIf you mulch your landscaping, be sure to keep the level of the mulch at least 4 inches below the top of the foundation wall.  The junction between the foundation and exterior walls is the most likely place for water or insects to penetrate into the home and the mulch level can play a big part in that.
Exterior Vents:
  • exterior ventsNow is a good time to check all of those exterior vents, especially the dryer vent, for anything that could block good airflow from the vents.  Check to ensure the screens for the vents are secure to prevent birds or other animals from trying to make them a home.





Check back for more summertime tips soon!

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